Friday, August 29, 2008

Fried Buzzard

Here's another classic from Lou Donaldson that I've never really seen out there bouncing around. Fried Buzzard is a live set recorded in a lively room in Buffalo, NY. Although it's 1965 and therefore pre-funk Donaldson, the vibe hints at what's to come and notably it's Idris Muhammad's (then known as Leo Morris) first recording with Donaldson. Make no mistake though, the shuffles on here are funky! It's pretty cool to Idris, who had just left his Curtis Mayfield gig, playing jazz and doing it damn well.

Lou's between song banter is worth the cost of admission (which for you is free anyway) - at one point he's introduced the whole band and then says, "Ladies and gentlemen, appearing for the first time in the United States of America, from New Orleans, Louisiana, Leo Morris!" to the thunderous laughter of the far-north audience.

Lineup: Bill Hardman (tp) Lou Donaldson (as) Billy Gardner (org) Warren Stephens (g) Leo Morris (d)
Live "Bon Ton Club", Buffalo, NY, August 6 & 7, 1965

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johnv said...

Thanks for another great one B3; it's really fun to visit your blog every day and see what's cookin'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Hopefully it's good!

BigD said...

Awesome record. Sweet Papa, Billy G. and Idris my boy from The Big Easy. Thanks a million!

SMQ said...

From what I read in your information this must be quite a historic recording!!
Idris Muhammad turns to JAzz.
Thanks a million for your efforts

green said...

thank you very much for these great posts B3. i have a feeling that we like the same kind of music.

hamfat said...

Thanks - I used to have this album many years ago. I look forward to hearing it again.

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Sure enough it's a keeper Thanks
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