Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Things Don't Happen Every Day, But They Happened Yesterday!

I knew it could be. This time last year my conversations with fellow non-Republicans went something like "yeah, he's great, but he'll never get elected." Republicans tended to say something more along the lines of "I hope he wins the primary because it'll be easy to beat him in the election." Well, he did it, we did it, and now our first family looks like this picture. They're brown. Brown like most of the musicians posted on this blog, even most of the musicians who have defined the American musics on any of these blogs we all go to. What's so fantastic is that in a way, that's secondary. First and foremost he's a visionary that somehow managed to make a large majority of Americans not even make brownness and issue. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives in the U.S., and I'm proud of and happy for us.

The folks at the new Groove Merchant blog Groovy Merchant don't have this one yet so I thought I'd do a quick post of it. Jimmy McGriff teams up with blues vocalist Junior Parker for a strong set of post-Basie organ blues. It's a fun album, better than I thought it would be actually. And, as I said in the title. Good things may not happen everyday, but yesterday they did.

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B3 said...

el goog said...

Hellow B3
Thank you for this and I think you are great :)
So yep, "they happened yesterday!"
Congrats and bless you.

avocado kid said...

Heyoo yizeah!!!!

Slidewell said...

Thinks may be a mess, but I'm glad it will be an articulate leader with a vision for America in the 21st century that will guide us forward. This is the true "Morning in America" Let's get busy! Wake up and smell the regulations, Wall St.!

B3 said...

"Wake up and smell the regulations" is one of the best lines I've heard yet!

E-mile said...

congrats on painting the white house "black" :-)
peace, E-mile

Bill said...

This looks good! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

call me if you get to paris.I got a B3 at home ;-)

1Surfrider said...

Funk is good!

Obama is great!

This website rules!


Andy said...

Thanks for the album and good luck Obama,I think you may need it.

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