Sunday, October 19, 2008

Melvin Sparks Band Live in Greece

So I taped almost each of my14 sets with the Melvin Sparks Band in Athens, Greece (except for the two days when my M-Audio and Matt's passport were in the back of this guy Theodore's car whose number we didn't have). My original idea was to go through it all and pick the best tracks to post (thus eliminating any bad drumming...) but that's just not going to happen! I did listen to most of it, but I'm really not going to get that crazy about it. Instead, I've decided to post the last set of the last night. It's far from perfect, and the recording quality is decidedly M-Audio-y, but I think the energy is great and Melvin tears it up. Matt Oestricher, who has only played in the group about a month, also takes care of some serious business on here.

For me the trip was like a year in college. Spending every day in the company of someone as unfathomably talented, dedicated, knowledgable and willing to share it all as is Melvin was the ultimate music lesson. I am a lucky guy indeed.

On this recording I'd say that parts of each tune are pretty dialed in, and I really love the made up on the spot encore Melvin lead us through (unfortunately the vocals suffer most on this recording). The recording is a little lo-fi, though certainly not awful. Anyway, for those that want to check it out, I hope you'll dig it!

The band is:
Melvin Sparks - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Oestricher - Organ
Me - Drums
Recorded Oct. 9, 2008 at the Half Note in Athens, Greece (The pic above is Melvin standing beneath a poster of himself looking at himself on the cover of a magazine).


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Slidewell said...

Can't wait to hear your gig with the mighty Melvin Sparks! I'll be back!

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